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plane 1 Higher weights/volumes

On special request we are able to accept higher weight and/or volumes.  Multiple packages are also possible.The allowed dimensions and weight on passenger aircraft are restricted and can differ on destination, used airline company or type of airplane.We are able to advice you about these restrictions.

plane 1 Allowed products

In general we can accept all kind of goods. However they must apply to the legislation of the sending/transit and destination country. In addition the IATA rules and regulations regarding transport on passenger aircrafts must be respected. If you have any question on this please contact us.   . 

plane 1 High value shipments

We are able to accept high value shipments without any problem. However the value/importance of the shipments must be mentioned when the order is given. .

plane 1 Transport of organs/medical shipments

We are able to accept these kinds of shipments. All required documents should be provided. .

plane 1 Insurance

Shipper must insure the value of the shipment. On special request an additional insurance can be agreed.This request must be mentioned when transport order is given.  . 

plane 1 Proof of delivery

A proof of delivery, signed by the receiver, will always be provided.